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Chapter 1
What is a Meowacle?
A true meowacle does not destroy or change reality, it supports reality in its natural state by allowing for difficult situations to be resolved in a loving way.
Meowacles are not always pretty, they may contain elements of drama and horror.
Meowacles can be about something as trivial as a person taking a piss, or as sublime as the healing of terminal cancer. In all cases it is best to appreciate them from an elevated viewpoint, with respect for what they represent. This allows you to connect more deeply and fully with your miracle experience.
The meowacle is not 'you' imposing your will on the universe, it's you understanding that if you would just let go and be love, then through that act of loving you create all sorts of amazing things in the univers
A meowacle does not make people worse or better, it just makes them more of who they are meant to be.
A meowacle will change the way you see the world, because it will allow you to see things for what they are.
A meowacle is a way of saying 'I love you', and also 'I understand'.
A meowacle is not a test of how well you are making things. It's an illustration, an event of life that shows you more truth about yourself and others around you.
A meowacle is when the world is seen as One.
A meowacle is your soul's way of expressing its love for you by showing you something new about yourself.
A meowacle is not for you to know. It is only for the universe to communicate with you.
A meowacle is the ultimate expression of freedom.
A meowacle will change your life, because it will allow you to understand that everything is possible through love.
A meowacle is not a way to prove that you exist, it's just a way to say 'I exist' and then start listening.
A meowacle is not about you finding your purpose, it's about allowing your purpose to find you.
Chapter 1: What is a Meowacle?
Chapter 2: The Purpose of Meowacles
Chapter 3: Preparing for a Meowacle
Chapter 4: Creating a Meowacle